courses after 12th commerce

" What to do after 12th commerce? "

" Which course to opt after 12th commerce?
Normally the main problem of Student life is "QUESTIONS?" whether in paper or in life.

In this article, we will be discussing all about courses after 12th commerce and options which are available in other than commerce fields for which a 12th pass commerce student can opt for. 


Courses after 12th Commerce

There are a lot of options available, one has to choose with his area of interest. Basically, a 12th pass commerce student is familiar with the core subjects such as Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Statistics. So anything related to these subjects will be a good option.

But what if not interested in these subjects than one can opt for Courses related to the Arts streamYes, one can opt Arts after 12th commerce, one can also try with other professional courses.

List of courses after 12th commerce

Here I will list out all possible courses related to the Commerce stream. ( Bachelor of Commerce )

Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most opted courses in the Commerce stream. This course's main objective is to provide Management Skills and general Business Principles among students. The core subjects offered in B.Com are Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Management, Marketing, Human Resource, etc. The course duration is for 3 years and after completion, you can go for higher studies or take a job.

B.B.A ( Bachelor of  Business Administration )

This under graduation program is designed to give functional aspects and interconnections
of the company. It helps students in developing all necessary managerial skills, communication skills, and Business decision making capability needed in the industry. The course also provides practical knowledge by conducting Industrial visitsInternship programs and interaction with industrial experts. One can build a career in the management and operation sector of the companies.

B.B.M (Bachelor of Business Management)

This Course is one of the popular among the
courses after 12th commerce list. The main
goal of the course is to develop leadership
skills for the business and corporate world
among the students. This course is further 
classified into Marketing, Financial, Operational,
Human Resource Development management.

 Bachelor of Economics

This course is designed for one who wants to
pursue a specialization in Economics after 12th
commerce. This course aims to provide skills
related to branches of economics related to 
the company, management, finance, etc.

B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Application)

This course is the best alternative for Engineering
in CS/IT field hence this is one of the popular
among the courses after 12th commerce. It is
technical course for the students who wish to
build a career in computer application and software 
development field.

These are the most opted and popular undergraduate
courses after 12th commerce.

Apart from these courses, there are Diploma courses
for 12th pass commerce students.

    Diploma courses after 12th Commerce :

    1. Digital Marketing

This course is one of the trendings as traditional 
marketing has evolved by industrial digitalization.
Digital Marketers are the most in-demand expertise
in the industries, a lot of management students opt 
for specialization in digital marketing after completion
of degree. The key goal of the course is to provide
skills in the marketing of industrial products or digital
products on the internet across the globe.

     2. Banking and Finance

Diploma in Banking and Finance is one of the best
course after 12th for commerce background students,
where they will learn skills related to banking and
financial technology. The main goal of the course is
to provide an idea of the economy of any company.

      3. Stock Analysis and Trading

This course is for one who wants to build a career in
financial institutions, broking houses, investors, or traders.
The course provides practical as well as theoretical
knowledge on the stock market. After completion, of course,
one can opt for a job in a financial institution or become an
entrepreneur in the financial field.

      4. Hotel Management

Hotel Management one of the booming industry in
recent time. It is part of Tourism and Hospitality
the field which aims in providing skills related to
banquets and catering, food hygiene, beverage and
bar operations, and customer service. 

       5. Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Designing is one of the emerging
stream in diploma courses after 12th, aiming at key
areas to enhancing the art of designing an interior
of construction. This course has a high demand for
events management firms, film, and television

        6. Business Management

Diploma in Business Management is one of the
short term courses after 12th commerce which
aims in providing skills related to running an
organization. Skillset required  in leading, planning,
organizing for corporate firms are the primary area of

One can also opt for C.A (charted accountant)
which is one of the highly paid specialized course
after 12th commerce stream.

   Career Growth In Commerce

A Candidate with a commerce degree is also in
demand as an Engineer or a Doctor, because
every company has a department related to 
Finance, Economics, and Business-related
team for the economical growth of the company.

Job Opportunity for Commerce Candidate:

  • Private Banks
  • PSB's ( Public sector Banking )
  • Other govt Jobs with minimum eligibility of graduation
  • One can also apply for organizations for the job roles
          Company Secretary
          Business Analyst
          Financial Officer
          Sales Analyst
          Tax Officer
          Charted Accountant

So this was a small guide over possible courses
after 12th commerce. Pick up a course that suits
your dream career completely depends on one's
choice of interest. So pick up a decent course which
gives you an opportunity to develop skills which
creates a wide range of opportunity in the future.

Hope this has helped you

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