iti copa course details

ITI COPA Course details

In this article, we are going to discuss complete course details for ITI Trade in COPA. Which includes key factors such as course eligibility, syllabus, subjects, future scope, and career opportunities.

COPA Full Form

COPA is an abbreviation for Computer Operator Programming Assistant, which is part of a vocational course by ITI (Industrial Training Institute) in IT/ITES sector. This course is provided under Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS) by Director General of Training (DGT) under the guidance of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

ITI COPA course - Qualification and Duration

The minimum qualification for the trade course in computer operator and programming assistant under ITI is 10th pass. Duration of the course is one year which is further divided into two semesters of six months each. 

Fees and Admission Process

Admission process for the COPA course is simply based on the merits of 10th standard the candidate is offered a seat in respective colleges. The fees for the academic course completely depends upon the type of college opted by the student, fees for a private college will be definitely high as compared to government ITI colleges.

ITI COPA Course - Subjects and Syllabus

COPA Course Subjects - The subjects under trade-in computer operator and programming assistant are as follows:

  1. Professional Skill ( Trade Practical )
  2. Professional  Knowledge ( Trade Theory )
  3. Employability Skills

COPA Course Syllabus -
The learning outcome from the ITI COPA Course concerning professional skill and knowledge are as follows:-
  • Installation and setup of the operating system and other related software in a computer with proper procedures.
  • Creating documents using Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access and other software.
  • Installation, setup and securing computer network including internet.
  •  Developing web pages using leading web technologies like HTML, Javascript etc.
  • Managing accounts using accounting software such as Tally.
  • Purchasing, uploading a product  in an E-Commerce site and also securing E-Commerce accounts and payment operations
  • Providing firewall security, update backups of important files, data and information, securing wireless networks using wireless network security features.

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ITI COPA COURSE - Future Scope

What to do after ITI COPA?

  1. As Craftsman in Industries and can progress further as a senior craftsman, supervisor and even rise up to manager level.
  2. Apprenticeship in Industries will help in getting National Apprenticeship Certificate ( NAC ), which is one of the pros for ITI courses as an apprentice will give you real-time work exposure, it also counts as an industrial experience which is plus point for further growth of career when compared to a fresher.
  3. Instructor in ITI colleges by joining Crafts Instructor Training Scheme ( CITS ) after COPA course.
  4. Lateral entry to Diploma Vocational courses under Director General of Training ( DGT ).

ITI COPA - Job Opportunities and Career Options

One can join IT/ITES industries as a trainee and further can grow with time and experience. You can also work as a computer operator, programmer, Desktop Engineer, system admin, analyst, a security analyst and even work for MNC as a software programmer by learning the required skills. 

Even government organization such as DRDO, ISRO. IIS, HPCL, BPCL, ONGC, SAIL, INDIAN RAILWAYS, ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY etc, recruit computer operators and programming assistants

Starting one's own business is also a good option as service for computer hardware and software installation and setup is one of the cool options for Copa technician.


Minimum salary offered for Computer operator and programming assistants as a trainee range between 8,000 - 10,000 even though it seems low salary but with time and experience with skillset one can get highly paid in the Industry.