Computer Courses after 10th and 12th

The use of a computer in every industry has been increased with digitalization. Therefore computer skills are one of the basic and common skills in today's job market. With the growing demand for skills on the computer, the computer courses are also in high demand.

So opting a proper professional computer course in respective fields is one of the primary parts for job seekers. This article is dedicated with a list of computer courses and types, courses after 10th, 12th and graduation in the computer science field.

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is nothing but the ability to use a computer and related tools efficiently as per the requirement in the workspace. As every industry is going online in the present digital era, computer literacy is very important and desired skill prefered by the recruiters.

The computer skills completely depend upon the job profile and requirement of the work that needs to be done. The skill level differs from basic computer knowledge like setting up and installing the operating system or basic software to coding the complex program for new software.

Types of Computer Courses

There are plenty of computer courses in the market, so here we have categorized the courses depending upon the level and preferences by the learner's perspective.
  • Computer courses after 10th ( Entry Level )
  • Computer courses after 12th ( career perspective )
  • Computer courses after graduation ( professional level )

Computer Courses after 10th

Computer courses are one among the most opted courses after 10th by many students. The scope for computer skills is high in the job market there is a lot of certificate and vocational courses in computers for students to opt after 10th.

1. Computer operator and programming assistant: 
Abbreviated as COPA is one of the vocational course provided by Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) under the guidance of Director General of Trade (DGT) and Minister of Skill Development and Training.

2. Diploma in Computer Science:
Diploma/polytechnic courses are one of the vocational courses available after 10th. Diploma in computer science is one of the best options among computer courses and best alternative for B.E/B.Tech in computer science.

3. Hardware and Networking:
As the use of the computer is increasing day by day, the need for hardware technician or an expert in hardware and networking is high. There is also demand for hardware and networking in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

4. Web Development:
Web development is a trending area under computer science, with the digitalization of sectors, every sector and the companies under them are going online. The company needs a website and a related digital or online content to reach its audience, the website developer is one of the primary skills the company is searching these days.

5. Mobile Application Development:
Application Development is necessary as mobile users are growing day by day. The mobile App Developers are in huge demand in the job market with skills related to Android app development and iPhone app development. 

Computer Courses after 12th

The under-graduation program under computer science is the popular course in today's time as the present period is known as the digital era. Let's get the complete list of the under-graduate program under computer science courses after 12th.

1. B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science:
Bachelor's of Engineering or Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering is one of the streams in engineering for the one who wants to build a career in computer science technology. This is one of the high demand course in India, according to statistics nearly 1.5 million engineering graduates get graduated yearly, among them around 20% - 35% are computer science engineers.

2. B.Sc Computer Science:
Bachelors of Science in Computer science stream is also one of the best computer science bachelors course after 12th, duration of the course is of 3 years minimum eligibility qualification is of 12th science or equivalent.

3. Bachelor of Computer Application:
Bachelor of Computer Application is an alternative for B.E/B.Tech in computer science and the duration of the course is of 3 years. Minimum eligibility for the course is 12th pass or equivalent, the course objective is to provide complete knowledge around Computer science and programming.

4. Information Science and Engineering:
B.E/B.Tech in Information Science and Engineering is one of the computer science-related branch in Engineering, the main aim of the course is to provide skills and train the candidate in subjects related to categorization, collection, storage and restoration of information in a systematic way.

5. Bachelors of Designing in Graphic Designing:
Graphic Designing in bachelors of designing is a course related to visual communication and communication design with the help of digital technology like typography, photography, iconography, illustration and other designing tools and technologies.

Computer Courses After Graduation

Computer Courses after graduation are mainly skill development and enhancement oriented courses 
which consists of Master programs in specific expertise, Post-graduation diploma and Certification courses. 

1. M.E/M.Tech in Computer Science:
Master of Engineering or Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, the course is for specialization in specific sub-streams in the computer science field. The course duration is of 2 years with minimum education qualification od B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.

2. Master in Computer Application:
Masters in Computer Application is one of the best and alternative to M.E/M.Tech in Computer Science after BCA ( Bachelor's of Computer Application ). The duration of the course is of 2 years and minimum education eligibility for MCA is of BCA or B.Sc in computer science.

3. M.Sc in Computer Science:
Masters in Science in Computer Science is one of the easiest and most opted masters programs in computer science stream. The course duration is for 2 years and a minimum education qualification is of B.Sc in Computer Science or equivalent.

Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application ( PGDCA ) is a 1 year post graduation diploma courses after graduation in computer science stream, which aims in providing skill and knowledge on the key area of computer science such as Information Technology, Programming, Software Engineering, Web Programming, Business Process, DataBase Management, Data Structure and Algorithms.

There are lot more opportunities in Computer Science Courses in todays digital world. One who is skilled and aware of all the latest technology in computer world is a man with golden spoon. From Microsoft Office to Artificial Intelligence every domain in computer science is in high demand in this digital era. Hope this has helped you out to figure out all the information about available computer science courses for a beginer.